Jonathan Tao

Author: Mock Webware |

Our 150 unit condo in Forest Hills was looking to install a key less entry based system for all it's residents. Our condo board had selected a few contractors to provide estimates. We ultimately felt that Empire provided not only a competitive and reasonable price but was great at providing timely follow-ups to technical and cost questions.

Karim (the owner) was very patient during our extensive and lengthy contract review process and was able to provide all necessary documentation (license/insurance) etc and answering any additional questions.

When work started, his crew was very quick in getting everything installed in a neat and tidy manner. We had the system up and running ahead of schedule with only minimal issues. We are now close to 5 months since getting our system installed and have had a few minor hiccup of which were quickly addressed and resolved. Overall, we are happy with the service, professionalism and above us timeliness/quality of service.